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O Magazine


by Affaire

2015–ongoing, website,
visual identity & art direction.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a company that goes by the name of “O” introduces its members and collaborators wearing a patch on their right eye; O (the only letter that the three of Cerveró, Montilla and Fort have in common) is a production and management company established in Barcelona in 2015 where conventions aren’t held in much regard. In addition to representing and producing the work of a heterogeneous group of filmmakers, photographers and illustrators, O edits art and culture contents that are published weekly on its site, which is more akin to a magazine than a portfolio. All of O’s graphic elements revolve around this binary of freedom and restriction. Using a square grid as its primary identity feature, text and images are laid out freely inside it in an endless supply of compositions and tones of voice. The playfulness and possibilities this system creates become evident in the design and art direction of its magazine, which entwines content and layout into one inseparable unit.

In house art directors