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O Magazine


by Affaire

2016, art direction.
Published by Folch Studio.

6.38 – 6.41 (Sunrise) for Odiseo
2015, art direction

Maud Rémy-Lonvis:
As long as we are flyin’ all this world ain’t got no end
for Odiseo 
2016,art direction

Barrie Hullegie for Odiseo
2015,art direction

Paul Jung:
N 40º 33’ 7.764” W 73º 55’ 51.42”
for Odiseo 2016,art direction

Twice a year, Folch Studio releases Odiseo: a publication that, referencing the “gentleman’s magazines” of mid-20th century, combines artfully erotic photography with long-form essays investigating topics of current interest from a social and philosophical viewpoint. Affaire’s involvement in Odiseo spans 6 issues, sharing with Folch Studio its edition and art direction. The output of this collaboration includes, among others, photo editorials by Paul Jung, Maud Rémy-Lonvis, Barrie Hullegie, and Bennie Julian Gay, essays by Eugenia Lapteva, Philippa Snow and Martti Kalliala, and the creation of a special section devoted to the literary group Fiktion, of which Odiseo has published texts by Ingo Niermann, Rajeev Balasubramanyam, Amy Patton, and Nick Currie aka. Momus.