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An ode
to coaches and teachers.
banco mediolanum

This project was brought to us by Fernando and Alberto (Santa Marta & Astorga). Again, they proposed a beautiful project that deserved special attention. A story reflecting the passion of those teachers who devote their lives to teaching and guiding us so that we can make our dreams come true.

Since the beginning we all knew that we wanted to use a completely real approach. That’s why all the characters are true professionals in their fields: piano players, dancers, karate experts, fencers, consultants, etc. Each and one of them provided their talent and sensibility to make this campaign a different and unforgettable one. It took us long weeks to find all that talent, but the shooting had to be done quite fast due to the huge amount of scenes to film. It was an ambitious campaign, but the final result was very good.

It had been a while since I’d last shot with my good friend Borja López, who I admire and respect for his great talent as director of photography and for his greatest heart. It was a pleasure being a tandem again, as in our good old university years. We shot in Alexa, with anamorphic lenses and camera in hand. We let the actions take place naturally to be able to capture them with spontaneity: a live direction, but still very well thought-of. I wanted to have enough time to choreograph and rehearse with each of the actors at play.

In this campaign, we all broke our backs… The production company, the team, the protagonists, everyone! Once again, thanks. I’m also grateful to the agency and the client for being together in the same boat from the beginning. Finally, and following the campaign’s concept, we asked ourselves about our own goals… and we all agreed that what we’d love to do is keep on being able to tell great and challenging stories!