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Ignorant People
by Fuzi.

by Affaire

Ignorant People is the commercial outlet of Fuzi, a multifaceted artist who is best known for his involvement in the vandal graffiti scene of Paris since the mid-nineties. Widely recognized for his “ignorant style” – a style where he breaks away from all aesthetical prejudice and goes back to the roots – Fuzi’s work branches out into book publishing, product design, and most notably, clothing design and tattoo. In addition to his self-initiated projects, he regularly collaborates with a number of commercial brands to create custom products, always with the style and attitude that are characteristic of him. Ignorant People’s brand image purposefully stays at the intersection of street culture and the fashion industry. In doing so, the identity adjusts itself to the brand’s maturity and its purpose to reach an increasing audience, while at the same time acknowledging and maintaining Fuzi’s street background.

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