BCN Mes:

THE BELT – O Production Company

By Ferran Capo

This is the first sci-fi comic book I do for BCN Mes, a local Barcelona monthly magazine.
I generally draw cartoons of a more political-social-hipster nature, but I wanted to do something different, taking better care of the drawings than with my usual underground style.
My editor asked me to focus on topics related to Barcelona, but I always try to portray more universal things.
Without a doubt, sci-fi always talks about reality, or at least that’s what classic sci-fi tries to do, by using a real scientific proposition to look for the social results it could entail.
In this case, the solution to the gradual distancing of the Moon from its current orbit is an excuse to create a parallel story.
In fact, what I would like to do is making films, or short films, with some of the ideas I express in cartoon form, but immediacy is boss.