March 10,


Lluís Quílez


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Lluís Quílez

Lluís Quílez makes films; films that share the logic of dreams. Lluís is a creator of imaginary worlds. Lluís is phenomenal. Beyond the 150 awards he has received with his previous short films, El siguiente, Avatar (Méliès d’Argent winner and Oscar short listed) and Yanindara, and having directed Stephen Rea, Julia Stiles and Scott Speedman in his first feature film, Out of the Dark, what amazes us about Lluís is his diligence and energy. Lluís is unstoppable. He has managed, all by himself, not only to take his latest short film, Graffiti, to the Gaudí Awards but also across the ocean to the Oscars 2017 (for the second time in his career). Lluís directs ads and music videos as well. We’re thrilled to have him with us and hope we’ll be able to create many more dream worlds together.

Barcelona, 1978