February 19,

A spontaneous canon

By Gerard Casau

Genius of animation Bill Plympton has produced so many gags that we could do a very best selection in GIF format. Gerard Casau volunteers as selector.

17.02.17 – Gerard Casau

Loewe by Alba Yruela for Vanidad

Colorful Loewe stills shot by Alba Yruela for Vanidad

15.02.17 – Alba Yruela

DAMA by Alba Yruela

Femenine and minimalist DAMA style as seen by Alba Yruela.

15.02.17 – Alba Yruela

#OscarsSoBlack is the hashtag replacing #OscarsSoWhite this year as a kind of farewell to the Obama era. Eulàlia Iglesias analyses this.

13.02.17 – Eulalia Iglesias
Tell-tales a dime a dozen

Don’t let them fool you. When someone makes too much fuss to sell you something, surely you shouldn’t buy it. Alexandre Serrano informs us of this through a GIF.

10.02.17 – Alexandre Serrano
Moon Wiring Club’s Edwardian England

Marcos Gendre interviews Ian Hodgson about the sinister-Edwardian-deco imagery of his band, Moon Wiring Club.

09.02.17 – Marcos Gendre
False friends: 6. Rocco Siffredi

Rubén Lardín keeps on writing letters to unexpected addressees, in this case Rocco Siffredi. The illustration, as usual, is by Paco Alcázar.

08.02.17 – Rubén Lardín
HH:MM:SS – Close your eyes

The HHMMSS series is back, free texts by Iban Petit associated, also freely, with photographs, this time by Claire O’Keefe.

07.02.17 – Iban Petit
The rebellion of robot mates

Víctor Navarro Remesal has discovered Peeqo, the robot able to answer any question by generating a GIF. And he’s over the moon with his new friend.

03.02.17 – Victor Navarro Remesal