March 10,


Mau Morgó

Bajo el sol de Miró

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Mau Morgó

Indescribable artist, executioner, experimental designer… Keeping up with Mau Morgó can be quite difficult. His feet are always one inch up in the air, as is his imagination. He even planned his own public execution during Offf festival as a metaphor of the ephimeral nature of ideas. 

Mau Morgó started his career in the world of graphic design. Now he’s more focused on the visual arts and sensorial experiences through spaces and interactivity with technology. He has undertaken projects that range from publishing to music videos with 3D printing, virtual reality experiences, concerts with smartphones as instruments or multidimensional bars. He has worked for brands such as Samsung, Acer, Intel, Converse or Bombay Sapphire, and musicians like Spoon, Little Dragon or Cut Copy.