March 10,


Sergi Pérez

MANEL – Sabotatge

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Sergi Pérez

After several personal short films and music videos for bands like Manel, Mishima or Doble Pletina, Sergi Pérez has recently premiered his first long film, El camí més llarg per tornar a casa, with a very positive response from festivals and quite a polemic one on behalf of the public.

Sergi has a dark side to him, and not only does he not hide it, but he even explores it with expiatory and almost anthropological zeal. He’s capable of creating beauty and truth out of the darkest areas of the human soul, directly addressing his inner ghosts. He’s a very brave, to the point and incorruptible director. And all this isn’t limited to his audiovisual activities, but can also be said about his parallel career as illustrator that is both coherent and in dialogue with his filmmaking.

Terrassa, 1976