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Eduardo de la Calle, Nanoscopic Scales.

by Affaire

Hivern Discs #31. 2015, record sleeve.

Eduardo de la Calle is a DJ and techno producer whose approach is defined by his limitation of working solely with analog gear. Alongside his vinyl-only labels Analog Solutions, Suprawax, and Edits, he has collaborated and released records with several other publishers such as Semantica Records, Non Records and Hivern Discs, among others. The design of Nanoscopic Scales, which was commissioned and released by Hivern Discs, attempts to hint at de la Calle’s methodology and his diverse set of references – ranging from sports cars and the experimental design of the sixties to futuristic architecture. A mechanically blown up pattern of copper and black circles thus becomes the photograph of a car, an image pulled out of a second-hand trade catalog.