April 28,

An interview with Olivier Assayas.

Against the soundtrack.

Levens Jewels. By Adrià Cañameras

Lisandra and Zara Gusmerini starring in the latest Levens Jewels campaign signed by Adrià Cañameras.

19.04.17 – Adrià Cañameras

HiperAsia by Wellness. By Adrià Cañameras

El Guincho HiperAsia’s universe materialized in a collection designed by Wellness that Adrià Cañameras shot during the Madrid Fashion Week.

19.04.17 – Adrià Cañameras
Les Anglais ont debarqué

Valerie Steenhaut believes if there are so many euphemisms to talk about menstruation it is because, in fact, no one wants to talk about it. Except her, of course!

21.04.17 – Valerie Steenhaut
Three minutes to the end of the world. Transmission 2

3 minutes to the end of the world presents its second episode: contemporary audiovisual chaos according to Kikol Grau’s mixer.

20.04.17 – Kikol Grau

Ben Tuthill is back! In this occasion, the music video for Young Thug’s Wyclef Jean serves as an excuse to analyse meta-videos and the beginning of the Trump age.

19.04.17 – Ben Tuthill
Things I do while you work. I find inspiration in a museum.

Second instalment of Things I do while you work. The union of two giants: Diana Aller writes and Flavita Banana illustrates.

17.04.17 – Diana Aller

Déborah García understands GIFs as the ultimate digital art manifestation. Bill Domonkos as a symptom of art as playground for reinterpretation.

07.04.17 – Déborah García
Sight, touch, hearing: an interview with Vaughan Oliver

Vaughan Oliver is the designer who changed the record cover paradigm. Joan Pons interviews the genius who devised the artwork for the Pixies and, in general, all the 4AD catalogue.

06.04.17 – Joan Pons