March 23,

Fatal acceleration

Limbo – Delorean. By Mau Morgó

Mau Morgó travelled to Morocco to shoot the latest Delorean music video, Limbo.

15.03.17 – Mau Morgó

Lexus Lit IS by Mau Morgó

A car equipped with 42K LED lights conceived to provoke and made by Mau Morgó.

15.03.17 – Mau Morgó
Back to the beginning.

Through a GIF by Jiri Trnka, Alexandre Serrano defends traditional animation, folklore and roots.

17.03.17 – Alexandre Serrano
Three minutes to the end of the world. Transmission 1

Kikol Grau thinks the apocalypse is round the corner. In three minutes of video footage, he grinds all current images that prove it is.

16.03.17 – Kikol Grau
Things I do while you work

A new star section by Diana Aller: Things I do while you work. In this case, going to Prague on a Monday. Illustrated by Flavita Banana.

14.03.17 – Diana Aller
Cervantes, that anarchist against the system

Was Cervantes against the system? Was he a libertarian? Is Cervantes an empty symbol we can give any meaning we choose? Jaime Gonzalo finds out.

13.03.17 – Jaime Gonzalo
What La ley del deseo meant to me thirty years ago and what it means now

Thirty years later, Óscar del Pozo sees again La ley del deseo. From the first video club rental to the current Almodóvar cycle at the Filmoteca things have changed a great deal.

09.03.17 – Óscar del Pozo
Derek Jarman: super-8 pop

Derek Jarman was a pop filmmaker. And, besides, an inimitable one. Marcos Gendre reviews his relationship with The Smiths, Suede or the Pet Shop Boys.

06.03.17 – Marcos Gendre