May 24,


Rafa Castells

Nazario by Rafa Castells for L’Officiel

Rafa Castells has published in magazines such as Vice, Neon, Pig, or S Magazine, exhibited his work in cities like London, Buenos Aires or Los Angeles, published a book –Schlecker– and collaborated with music bands such as Nitch, Univers, Corte Moderno or Beach Beach both in the creation of their album covers and by directing their videos.

What we like about Rafa is his intuitive and primary style, always placing experience before technique. He creates images of great visual purity that leave aside all traces of aesthetic and social conventions and often make us forget that between his photographs and his way of looking there’s a capturing device.

Barcelona, 1989


Jornadas en el Sótano


Josep Maynou


Massa Florida