May 24,


Phillipe Milton

Sergio Canales and Cristina Llorens by Phillipe Milton for Vogue

Antonio and Yago are two friends that grew up in the same Galician village. Since they were little, they shared their passion for art and photography and started using both as their narrative tools. That’s why, one day, they decided to create Phillipe Milton, the name with which they sign their photographic works.

Ad, Esquire or L’Officiel are some of the mastheads that have fallen in love with them. And Zara Home, Pepa Salazar, Masscob, Mr. Boho, Wellnes, Airam Sacul and Pöe, the brands that want them to shoot their images. 

Phillipe Milton does not really exist as a person, but it does as a concept: a common outlook arisen from the never-ending conversations between these two childhood friends in which spontaneity, slowness and gentleness become the axis drawing the out-of-time beauty that their images reflect.