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THE O FACE – O Production Company

It doesn’t seem too farfetched, no, starting a text dealing with such a sexual topic as this one with a reference to Prince, because, besides, I’m finding impossible to get rid of this mourning. While rescuing archives after the death of the prince, I found this review of his first concert in Spain published on the Rockdelux web site. More than the text in itself, what called my attention was a comment censuring the critic’s language: ‘I nearly cum…’ Some critic expressions have improved since 1990”. I’m not going to discuss whether musical criticism has improved its style or not, but I would like to question why openly expressing one has been on the verge of orgasm is considered bad taste. Is it vulgar? Is it coarse? Is it dirty? It seems for a lot of people it is. These things are said and done in private, right? In public, please behave! Never forget this: you don’t have to be decent, just look decent. The pleasure each other experiences, we’ll just have to imagine.

Because, since we’re at it and no one’s listening, how do people cum? What do they say? What do they shout? What face do they make? Now, that‘s allowed! Fantasising with people’s abilities or with the expressivity in bed of such and such. Stimulating this funny corner of the collective imagination is exactly what Gawker did in 2008, when they froze the exact frame in which several US TV presenters and reporters seemed to be reaching the height of the act (and the result was an involuntary gallery much less fake than the overacted promotional images of Lars Von Trier’s Nymphomaniac).

Since I must be a bit daft, as proved by the punctuation I got on this test, that was the first time I read about the “O face” (also hyphenated, “O-face”, or written with an h, “Oh face”). That’s how different urban dictionaries define the face we make during an orgasm. Or the face we make in another situation that has nothing to do with it, but the facial accidents of which (doughnut-shaped mouth, half-shut eyes, chin up…) might funnily remind us of the face of ejaculation.

But careful! Don’t get the expression “o face” mixed up with “ouch face”, meaning “I fucked up”; or with “oooh face”, with more letters “o”, meaning surprise. What are admitted are placebos such as “blank eye face” or “out of control scream”.

It’s funny that being who we are we hadn’t heard about the “O face” before. If it weren’t because it would look far too obvious, we should take our next corporate photographs like that, letting ourselves be carried away by pleasure and with our mouths looking like an inflatable doll’s. What a gangbang our roster would look like…