October 23,


by Affaire

2013, workshop, catalog
& art direction.
With Guillem Ferran and the
collaboration of Luis Mazón.

Vitrics – O Production Company

In the spring of 2013, Guillem Ferran and Josep Román conducted a workshop addressed to professionals of glass – craftsmen, artists, industrialists… With the goal of providing the design skills to create, brand, promote and commercialize useful glass products, the attendees were taught about conceptualization, design processes, and brand communication for commercial purposes. After the workshop ended, all resulting products were photographed in an environment devised to convey the quality of the results; these photographs, together with the students’ impressions and concepts, were then compiled and published together in a catalog that was printed in a small run.

Vitrics – O Production Company
Vitrics – O Production Company
Vitrics – O Production Company