by Affaire

2014, visual identity, campaign & website.

Indiespot – O Production Company
Indiespot – O Production Company

In 2007, Indiespot entered the blogosphere without anticipating that, just a few years later, it would become one of Spain’s most relied-on sources of information for indie and pop music. The platform specializes in providing a multifaceted view of current musical affairs, featuring interviews, opinion articles, record reviews, videoconcerts – to name a few – with rigor and a profound understanding of the readership’s interests.

The site redesign’s goal is to create an appropriate space for Indiespot’s contents to unfold, offering a quick and intuitive navigation as well as ensuring a smooth and comfortable reading, placing special emphasis on the quality of typesetting. The logo for the platform is a reflection of Indiespot’s steady transition: a simple and mature brand that nods to the medium’s humble origins by presenting an exaggerated I – a pirate radio tower like the ones that used to float around in ships back in the 60s. This wordmark is often accompanied by the use of a circle throughout all of Indiespot’s communication elements, which signals both a record and a meeting point.

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