by Lluís Quílez

Director: Lluis Quilez
Script: Alex & Davi Pastor, Javier Gullón
Director of Photography: Isaac Vila
Art Director: Iñigo Navarro
Editing: Bernat Vilaplana
Sound: Leonel Pedraza, Oriol Tarragó, Marc Bech, Marc Orts
Visual FX: Lluis Castells
Music: Fernando Velazquez

A young family moves to South America, where the wife takes charge of her father’s factory. In their new home, some kids’ ghosts haunt their daughter, and this unchains a dark story and the sinister behaviour of a US company.

Behind the horror film there’s a story of social responsibility with a very timely discourse. Social injustices, as well as a form of colonialism, are denounced. International corporations come and contaminate the land, they open great factories to try and get the most profit without thinking about the place or the people living there. I think the film deals with their responsibility now, but most of all with their responsibility towards the future. 

Behind the scenes