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Pablo is fashion, portrait and deco, all in one. ICON, AD, Vanity Fair, Vogue Living or Harper’s Bazaar are only some of the magazines that have been seduced by the Zamora mix, a myriad of visions that have enabled him to shoot national and international celebrities and models. Before his lens have sat the likes of Isabel Marant, Joe Crepúsculo, Christina Rosenvinge, Clement Chabernaud, Kendall Jenner, Hubert de Givenchy or Amélie Nothomb, among others. Apart from different publications, he has also put his camera to work for some deco brands such as Dedon, Lladró or Bulthaup.

His classic and at the same contemporary style make his outlook on aesthetics the main protagonist of his portraits. Faces full of character and special looks are his favourite. And if they can be bathed in black and white, the better!   

What do you think you can contribute to O with? Or what do you expect O to do for you?
I’d love O to help me show my work in channels that I haven’t explored until now. 

What are you working on now (if you can talk about it)?
I’m working on a very special project for me: a book compiling years of family portraits.

Do you do portraits or fashion? Does the fashion portrait exist at all?
I’ve never thought that one thing should exclude the other. In fact, I like both at the same time! 😉

What do you find in black and white that you don’t find in colour, and the other way around?
To me, black in white is something I carry inside; no matter how corny that might sound! My mum is a photographer, so the smell of lab developing chemicals is my Proust madeleine! 

What would the perfect photograph or ideal project be like for you?
Perfection and me don’t get along very well. But the ideal project is always the one that comes up from something you can no longer hold inside.