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Luis Cerveró

Luis has been quite busy these last six months. After different “foreign affairs”, with us he has made his comeback to national advertisement, working on two big campaigns: two BMW commercials for SCPF and a VW Golf one for Tandem DDB. Here you can see the director’s cuts of the three ads. With Blink, the producing company representing him in the UK, after completing the interactive for Skip that we showed you last June, he has shot an ambitious project for Lipton which is now at post-production stage. What we have been able to see already is the commercial for Adidas Born Original, Coty’s fragrance for Adidas, which Luis shot last January in Cape Town. Here you can see the director’s version. Apart from these advertising works, Luis has had time to shoot two music videos; one, a very indie national piece for Aliment’s Razors that O produced for La Castanya, shot with eleven 16mm cameras simultaneously to get a stroboscopic and mutilated effect that refer to the razors of the song’s title; and the other, a video shot in Paris for US band Ratatat’s Pricks of Brightness, produced by Division Paris, which explores the limits of meaning and communication by establishing a conceptual and structural dialogue with the track’s instrumental nature.