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O Magazine

by Luis Cerveró

I had a friend at university called Javier Suay. Hell, what must have become of him? He was really bonkers! He used to wear Doc Martens with steel toes. At the time, only skinheads wore them. Skinheads and Javier Suay. Once, getting out of a bar, he told me to look because he was going to kick a car window with his boot and shatter it to pieces. No matter how mad this may sound, I can’t remember whether he did it or not, but I can perfectly remember his posture: crouched, gathering impulse, bent legs and back against a wall next to the car. He looked like a black panther. Because Javier Suay dressed in black, head to toes, except for his Doc Martens, which were red. Doc Martens red, which isn’t that red. I think it was Javier Suay who gave me my first acid. Hey, no, wait a minute! It wasn’t him. Well, whatever. The thing is that one night, quite stoned, we went to his house and he played me an album by Corcobado y los Chatarreros de Sangre y Cielo. It was a vinyl record and the last song ended up with a loop. A loop that was, like any loop, infinite. I can’t tell for how long we were lying there, not talking at all, listening to the loop. Five hours, maybe. Or maybe four hours and six months. Maybe I’m still there, somehow, with Javier Suay, looking up to his living room ceiling.

Appreciating a good loop is a serious matter. It traps you. It absorbs you. And it can’t be faked. It’s like in Arrebato, when Will More points his finger and asks “How long do you think you could look at this trading card?” and you absolutely believe that Eusebio Poncela could stare at it for months, or even years. However, I’ve never been able to believe Cecilia Roth when she sits in front of the Betty Boop plush toy. She’s clearly overacting.

In the same way, you can’t fool yourself when you’re in front of a GIF. I’ve personally been looking at this dog hitting a cat trying to sleep close to it with his tail for decades.

What am I trying to say with all this? Well, I’m not really sure. But it’s something close to the option of twitting how many seconds you’ve been able to stand the eternal cat loop in You can lie if you want too, cheating is easy. And, besides, who gives a fuck anyway!

HappyDogAndBrainDamagedCat.gif – O Productora Audiovisual