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To take the surroundings and watch it afterwards is a process that invites you to think about who you are and what you have, says Mireia in the interview they did to each other for the exhibition.
It’s just like a mirror, adds Álvaro.

Álvaro Ariso, Mireia Deulofeu and Albert Riera are the ones behind the first exhibition in O Gallery. From Now On, invites us to enter a chapter of their lives and in a reflection on everyone’s Tempus Fugit. Instants which are somehow captured with nostalgia in real time.
With a small selection of each one of their experiences, sometimes shared, they have put together a sensorial narrative about their intimacy. A tale to a portion of life that they are leaving behind and to the uncertain future to come.

“From Now On” can be visited writing an email to
Monday to Friday from 11 to 19h.