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O Magazine

We premiere the
music video for
Made of Wood,
by Kostrok

Directed by Sergi Pérez

There’s life after Right Now! Of course there is! José Martí and Adrián Lurbe Quilis are launching their new song, Made of Wood, as an advance of their album The Golden Fruit Train (Mushroom Pillow), which will appear next February 19th. This piece is accompanied by a music video directed by Sergi Pérez. Its images make reference to, according to Pérez, “teenage years and a physical and initiation trip”. The director says he’s linked the aesthetic of this video for the Valencia DJ duo with that of “Lukas Moodysson from Fucking Åmål or the Roy Andersson of En kärlekshistoria”.  That is: images of “fun, friendship and first love… but all a bit dirty”.  The photographs accompanying this text show you the making of.

Made of Wood

Mushroom Pillow
Produced by O

Directed by Sergi Pérez
Produced by Emilia Fort
Director of Photography Neus Ollé
Production Manager Fiona Vidal-Quadras
Casting by Anna Menéndez
Art Director Víctor Santacana
Make-up Design Javier Ceferino
Costume Design Aina Giró
Grade Marc Morató
Production Coordinator Inga Art & Sara Gutiérrez
Production Assistants Oriol Rovira & Cristina Prim
Assistant Director Jan Latussek
Art Assistant Alexandra Jordana
Postproduction Coordinator Yukio Montilla

The awesome kids are:
Pablo Álvarez
Xiao An
Clara Griffiths
Guillem Junqueres
Max Petit
Kris Sthole