O is a creative studio from Barcelona.
We create visual and editorial content.
We produce independent projects and commercial work for agencies and clients.

O is directed by producers Emília Fort and Rafa Montilla, and by director Luis Cerveró, the three partners that founded the company in 2015.

The concept behind O is simple: to create a structure that supports a group of image creators and grant them production capacity, without making any distinctions between personal projects and commercial jobs for clients demanding our services.

We’d also like to establish, through our web page, our own medium of expression to talk about what we like and raise debate around the communication business.

O is what you can see on this web site.

A community of illustrators, photographers, directors, producers and agents united by their unique personality and their aim for well done work. We support and believe in the singularity of each creator, and we avoid imposing a homogeneous common style.

A weekly medium of exclusive content on the field of communication that aims to discuss topics we consider interesting and relevant. Publications that allow us to talk about what we produce and what is being produced around us. An independent voice that vindicates the written word in times of visual indigestion.

A production company. We produce our own projects as well as offer production and post-production services to companies and clients both national and international. We are open to collaborate, coproduce and provide service to production companies, agencies and international clients.

A physical space in the heart of Barcelona that is open to meetings, visits, experiments and collaborations. If you would like to contribute with editorial content, work with our illustrators, photographers and directors, or propose any kind of project, write to us, call us or –even better– pay us a visit. We have a very nice terrace and a library open to the public.