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Listening to the song “Igual o mayor que” by Doble Pletina, I thought that everything took place in an imaginary kingdom. When the song says, “I think there’s a direct relationship between what happens in my heart and the evil devastating the country” I thought that Doble Pletina must live in a kingdom ruled by terror. In the cinema, there has never been, and maybe there never will be, a better imaginary kingdom than Mortville, where the action of John Waters’ Desperate Living takes place. Without a doubt, middle-earth and the kingdoms in Game of Thrones are way behind. On the other hand, recreating a new Mortville fitted our low budget much better, since John Waters himself shot his movies with four bucks.
In John Waters’s film, Mortville is ruled with an iron fist by queen Carlota, played by Edith Massey, and, of course, it would have been impossible to find anybody who could remotely be up to scratch. So what I did was changing the character from queen to king. I had no other option but to shoot Salvatore as king Carloto, so we went from having a queen portraying ugliness, evil and excess, to a king that was all beauty, very lean and attractive, but quite as evil.
Elena Sos Navarro was in charge of art direction. We had a very low budget and the idea was to simplify everything, so we dressed king Carloto and all his soldiers in black underwear, and that made them feel much more comfortable as well! Elena gave each character their own special touch with a thousand little details.
The shooting was very easy, 16mm, natural light. On the one hand I shot the band’s playback in Barcelona. I did only one take of the playback with Cati’s drums, Jaume and Francina’s keyboards, and Laura and Marc singing and playing guitar. Then I shot some impro portraits of them, one by one and together holding a plastic peacock we found at the CANADA offices, where they let us shoot. And also some takes where they are weaving the impossible jumper for king Carloto.
In Castellón I shot all king Carloto’s scenes in one afternoon. In the evening I shot the TV presenter and burning tapes’ takes.
It was all developed and telecined in the no longer existing Deluxe Barcelona.

Doble Pletina
Igual o Mayor Que

Doble Pletina – Igual o Mayor Que – O Production Company

Doble Pletina “Igual o mayor que” Music video included on the album entitled “De lo concreto a lo general” (Jabalina Música, 2013).
Filmed in 16mm kodak 500T VISION2 VISION2 250D and a Canon Scoopic M

Doble Pletina – Igual o Mayor Que – O Production Company
Doble Pletina – Igual o Mayor Que – O Production Company

Director: David Domingo
Artist: Doble Pletina
Record Label: Jabalina Música