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David Domingo

David, probably our director harder to pinpoint, presented last summer his music video for Hidrogenesse’s song Siglo XIXin which he displayed all his imaginative artillery through a moving collage that happily mixed up static paper images with 2D and 3D animations. In the last months, he has been involved in the launch of HiperAsiaEl Guincho’s conceptual multiplatform album, by designing the cover (with young photographer Adrià Cañameras) and El Guincho’s 3D avatar that appears on the quite long lyric video directed by Manson.

Now, he’s finishing a new music video for Afrika Pseudobruitismus that he himself refers to as his masterpiece and that we will be able to share with you on this web site. 

Apart from all this, David has built a legion of fans thanks to the videos that he keeps on sharing in his Instagram account, granting this social network a new use as a channel in which to share more artistic than commercial micro contents.

David Domingo – O Productora Audiovisual