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Adrià Cañameras is a Barcelona-based photographer, with both French and Spanish heritage. He began as an assistant to photographer Misha Kominek, and made his way through by photographing music bands. He works in various media, from portraits to architecture. Cañameras has published two artist books and his works are to be found in Apartamento, Dazed & Confused, Rolling Stone, Die Welt and The New York Times.

“Adrià Cañameras is a young Spanish photo artist of the post-Wolfgang Tillmans and Juergen Teller generation; a generation of artists who keep photography very alive by switching with no timidity from abstract to objective, from simple to complex and from existentialism to spring break. Creating powerful work that feeds itself from unconditional artistic freedom that is not drown by any conceptual superstructure”. – Misha Kominek

What do you think you can contribute to O with? Or what do you expect O to do for you?
I hope O will get me good assignments that would be impossible for me to get on my own.

What are you working on now (if you can talk about it)?
An assignment for Grassy, in Madrid; it’s a book of portraits of the jeweller’s best clients for the 10th anniversary of Patricia Reznak.

What did you learn from photographing music bands?
What I really did was learning to photograph. My first assignments were for my musician friends that needed promo shoots.

What similarities can we find between your assignments and your artist books?
I’m not sure. What I like is that more and more people call me to ask me to do what I really am. 

What would the perfect photograph or ideal project be like for you?
It would be a good portrait project.