A munt i a vall (Trilogía Vallcarca I)
Fora de Joc (Trilogía Vallcarca II)
Udols (Trilogía Vallcarca III)

Director: Carlos Marqués-Marcet
Productora: Nanouk Films
Guión: Carlos Marqués-Marcet

A munt i a vall

(Vallcarca Trilogy I, 2006)

On his way home from school, Pablo kicks walks kicking a can as usual. However, this time he decides to carry the game until the end. To brake or not to brake the rules, that’s the question.

Fora de joc

(Vallcarca trilogy II, 2007)

This video was realized after being invited to participate in a workshop with Abbas Kiarostami and Victor Erice. The premise of the movie was “A kid in an unknown territory finds something”. I wanted to make this question: What happens when for the first we see our little world from another perspective? Of course, Pablo was the kid and his surroundings of Vallcarca almost the co-lead. Great “cameos” by Carolina Cabrerizo and Mauricio Godoy.


(Vallcarca Trilogy III, 2008)

It’s daytime in Vallcarca. Pablo is waking up to the loneliness of adult world. It’s nightime. A story, a legend from Guatemala opens a gap in this reality: the fantastic that comes from the real.