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Rafa Castells

Rafa Castells spent the whole summer in India and came back with an amazing feature for Amuse about Auroville, a utopian society built at the end of the sixties by a disciple of Le Corbusier. Rafa talked to Amuse about his feelings upon visiting the city of the golden dome.

Rafa took advantage of his long stay in India to shoot anything he called his attention, be it with his analogic camera or with his iPhone. A lover of Xerox machines and cheap prints, we were really looking forward to a new instance of his little fanzines. This time he delighted us with BON KARMA‘s thirty copies made at the village’s Call Centre, hand-sewn.

His relationship with music is still booming. Through a job for Tentaciones El País, Rafa shot las Bistecs at the O offices, turning work spaces into minimalist and bizarre sets that went along very well with the singers’ silver and golden lycra body stockings.

The main thing for him this year was directing Cecilio G’s music video. They met at the lookbook they created for Fuzi with Alba Yruela. Their shared passion for Trap and for Bogatell took them to instantly connect. We can’t show anything yet, but we can foretell that tiger-print carpeted floors are going to be the next big thing!