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What is the point of three photographers travelling to Argentina without a specific photographic objective? The initial aim of the project, Ground Movements, was the mass registration of all kinds of experiences and situations stemming from the simple act of travelling to take photographs.
The final result, however, is the demonstration of a failed mission. Not only is it incapable of registering a specific experience, but it also reveals the impossibility of giving conceptual meaning to a project which, once concluded, brings nothing new to light, contributes nothing, and can be summarized as an exercise in imitation and plagiary of well known and already much photographed icons.
Perhaps the occu- rrence of three photographers travelling together to Argentina, without a specific photographic objective, has served as an egotistical process for exchanging ideas and experiences, rethinking concepts and, ultimately, growing and learning. The consequence of all this has set in motion no end of ground movements.

Ca l’Isidret Edicions is a publishing house created by the photographers Aleix Plademunt, Juan DiegoValera and Roger Guaus in order to publish their work. In early 2010, after having spent several years pursuing their artistic careers individually, the three photographers
joined together to embark on a photographic journey of Argentina. This result of this endeavour was Movimientos de Suelo, their first book and the seed of Ca l’Isidret Edicions.
The publishing house was established in October 2012 with the presentation of three works. One of these – L’inassolible – was by Roger Guaus, while Movimientos de Suelo and the third, untitled publication were authored by all three. The Hub, by Roger Guaus was published In June 2013. The latest book, Almost There by Aleix Plademunt has been published jointly with MACK. Next autumn 2014 Diente de Chucho
by Juan Diego Valera is being published.
So, as well as being a platform for disseminating the work of the three authors, Ca l’Isidret Edicions is a laboratory that enables all kinds of photographic and publishing experiences, and in which Aleix Plademunt, Juan Diego Valera and Roger Guaus play the parts of
both photographers and editors. The three are joint editors of each publication, irrespective of whether the book has been created by just one or by all of them.
Ca l’Isidret is the name of a house in the Alt Penedès, home to one of the photographers. As Ca l’Isidret is a frequent meeting place for the three, it seemed appropriate to name the publishing house after it.

Aleix Plademunt
Juan Diego Valera
Roger Guaus
Movimientos de Suelo

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