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Laus Design Awards 2015

by Mau Morgó

Laus Design Awards 2015 – O Production Company
Laus Design Awards 2015 – O Production Company

The spanish design and visual communication awards committee proposed me to design the identity for its 45th edition. It was a very special occasion because they where commissioning their campaign to the youngest designer in their history, it was a huge huge pressure and responsibility. The awards honor the best design, art direction and visual communication campaigns of the year with a Golden Laus trophy.

All the campaign was haunted by the “Golden Touch”, a concept coming from the greek myth of King Midas (known for his ability to turn everything he touched into gold). So I decided to 3D scan all the 40+ jury members and turn them into gold, as if the design itself had the golden touch. Suddenly gold statues disappear, making a reference to the ephemerality of design.

There are also hidden cuneiform messages in some printed and audiovisual pieces, referring to the Sumerian civilization and specially to the Anunnakis, which it is believed that they landed on planet earth to steal our gold so that the could restore the atmosphere of their planet Nibiru.