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Fernando Domínguez

During the last four months, Fernando has lived like a hermit. Retreated from real life in his studio, with only his two birds to keep him company, he has devoted his time to designing the opening credits of Kike Maíllo’s Toro, with whom he already collaborated for his first feature, Eva. In our opinion, these are the best credits designed in our country in the last years. On the other hand, he has kept on working on the title sequence of ABC Television Network’s new series, Of Kings and Prophets. It’s a pity that none of these two projects has been premiered yet, so we cannot share them here. But we will be able to do it very soon.

On the other hand, Fernando is still working on a personal project with the intention of creating an artistic piece by mixing the use of a zoetrope and digital printing: “I’ve always felt fascinated by anatomy in general and hands in particular. The idea came up while I was waiting for a very long render. I was drawing some sketches. The drawings looked like sets of hands running and I immediately saw them moving in my head, so I decided to animate them. After the animation was complete I was so happy with the creatures running around that I wanted to see them not only on a screen, but as real objects, so I printed them in 3D.”

Fernando Domínguez – O Productora Audiovisual
Fernando Domínguez – O Productora Audiovisual