Cubbish / Fiu in the mix – O Production Company

Creative & Art Direction: Berta O. Peig, Álvaro Peñalta, Josep Prat Sorolla / Model: Anna Benet / Photographer: Bernat Oller / Make Up: Alaitz Albuquerque / Hairstyle: Cristian Barrera

Cubbish / Fiu in the mix – O Production Company
Cubbish / Fiu in the mix – O Production Company

FIU is a festival that takes place in Barcelona and gathers young creative talent. Last year, at Cubbish we directed this event’s Main TitlesCubbish is, mainly, a studio tackling creative projects from a multidisciplinary angle. Although we always surround ourselves by lots of different people for each project, the main members of the studio are Berta O. Peig, Álvaro Peñalta and I.

This year, for its third edition, the FIU organization asked us to create the festival after party’s promotional campaign. We love working with them because we know we’re free to do whatever we want. We decided to take the concept of the ‘mix’ as the central idea of the project. At the end of the day, this festival unites young people with different profiles and from many creative disciplines for them to get in touch, generate networking opportunities, meeting possible clients, etc.

The concept, thus, would be, ‘mix it!’

After several sketches, we came up with a visual definition of our proposal. We knew for sure we wanted to use photography. It was all about translating something that could be an illustration into real images. Playing with tangible elements, in the end, is always much more interesting. We wanted to give it a playful and cheeky touch, so we decided to work on the model’s attitude and pose for her to look a bit like a femme fatale. Finally, the photograph captures the exact moment in which that mix, that creative explosion, is taking place.  When it comes to art direction and style, we decided to mix sixties and seventies retro ad aesthetics with an eighties edge. We wanted something that rocked, full of saturated colours, but that was at the same time clean and direct.