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Dries Van Noten
– High Tide

Albert Moya

High Tide has just been nominated by the Selection Group of La Jolla Fashion Film Festival (LJIFF) in the following International Fashion Film Award (IFFA) categories: Best Director, Best Fashion, Best Music. The IFFAS are held on closing night of the LJIFFF (25th July).

Fashion Film, 2015. 3’44”. Color. HD

Dries Van Noten – High Tide – O Production Company
Dries Van Noten – High Tide – O Production Company

The shooting

This film is a fondness of Dries Van Noten understanding of fashion as a protraction of art and as a way to bring about social and cultural reflection, thus creating a passionate dialogue between the sublime and the mundane. A metaphore of resurrection and of the return to the light, this film is also a tribute to the spirit of fashion; a reawakening of the new after the twilight of the days gone by. This fashion film attempts to be a parable of the trip of purification that one’s soul undertakes when it departs from the body. It revitalizes within a new, purer, more innocent repository. We aim to describe a process of spiritual regeneration in a way both sophisticated and thorough. We want to stress the liturgical element; to underline the artistic solemnity and the mystical symbology so as to reinforce the message that people’s soul –and their life, for that matter– not only flows, but is mutable and eternal.

The shooting

Director: Albert Moya
Production Company: O
Screenplay: Albert Moya & Enric Ros
Executive Producer: Jordi Labanda
Producer: Emília Fort
Cinematographer: Edu Grau
Editor: Luis Cerveró
Art Director: Jamie Gray
Stylist: Rachel Dainer-Best
Hair & Make up: Tadayashi Honda & Kiyo Igarashi
Score: Gelany Beno

Dries Van Noten – High Tide – O Production Company

Some images
of the shooting.

Dries Van Noten – High Tide – O Production Company
Dries Van Noten – High Tide – O Production Company

Still frames
from the movie “High Tide”.