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305 x 230 mm.
195 pages.
Printed in 115 gr. Symbol Tatami and 60 gr. white offset papers. Jacket printed in 80 gr. high gloss coated paper.
Red fabric hardback cover.
First edition: 750 copies.

Mar, the girlfriend of Adrià Cañameras, moved to Madrid for professional reasons. And Adrià frequently visited her, documenting his stays there, and progressively became obsessed by a city that preserves an aura that is unlike that of any other city in the world.

In a precise and serene way, with extraordinary maturity for his age, Adrià has been photographing everything for more than two years. In this book, there is a constant dialogue between day and night, individuals and masses, streets and bars, statues and trees, the classical and the contemporary… Especially between public and private. Without any clear boundaries or division lines, in the same way they are fused and confused in the author’s life experience.

The result is an itinerary through the love story of Mar and Adrià, sprinkled with walks, meetings, visits, breaks and never-ending nights, in which anything is possible and nothing escapes. Adrià has collected moments, memories, brush strokes, and has given them book shape in order to fix them forever, in a generous and passionate gesture that is between unconscious and illustrious. All the images are accompanied by short texts, written by Jorge M. Fontana, on which Adrià’s experiences in Madrid are described through shared anecdotes, elusive stories, and halfway descriptions generating a narrative discourse that, more than delimitating them, widens the margins for their interpretation.