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Chus Antón

Tokyo, Barcelona, London, Tokyo, Barcelona, London… and Chus Antón goes on like this. He doesn’t stop as we can deduce by his frenzied work rhythm, both commercial and personal. He seduced us with that Lula Japan in which he contrasted warm and cool shades with the tranquillity of the sea and the calm look in the eyes of the model. And he’s done it again with the last Lula Japan FW15, shot in London at the end of July. But this time he left behind pause and equilibrium to play for a day with two new faces of the London scene, Fern & Anoushka. Also in London, he was lucky enough to spend a morning with Kitty, Daisy & Lewis and two charming Japanese journalists for Nero Magazine.

Chus is big in Japan, and nothing better than the last Pantone campaign to realise this. A free assignment with just one premise: do whatever you want. Chus followed the rules down to a T and he experimented with red, green, white and blue. Although we still don’t have the campaign’s official layout, we can share a photograph of her friend Mariko showing one of the posters.

Park Life has probably been the most exciting project for this photographer when it comes to personal growth. In London, Chus, Gregory Clavijo and Ahida Agirre spent the whole month of August with a bunch of kids from the eastside of the city. Park Life, a diary, printed in rotary press, containing a story of teenage friendship full of colours and a fresh attitude, is born from those summer afternoons. It’s available from Terranova’s web site.

When the fun stops is another of Chus’ collaborations with designer Ahida Agirre for her latest collection. And, fresh from the oven, we can share with you Extraperlo’s new promotional material together with a sneak peek of their latest album, photographed and directed by Chus.

And let’s not forget the book La La Land, portraying Chus’ trip to Los Angeles in which he revisited popular scenarios seemingly deserted but which hid amazing stories. Published last summer by Terranova.