Can Felipa
Arts Visuals.

por Affaire

2012, convocatoria de apoyo a la creación emergente.

Each year, Can Felipa Arts Visuals sets in motion a call for entries with the goal of commissioning young artists, curators and designers with the organization of three long-running exhibitions. By offering them an exhibition space, guidance from seasoned professionals and some monetary resources, their goal is to give a voice and to foster the work of emerging local talent.
The design of the call for entries poster begins with the assumption that, between the two parties – the art center and the participants – exists a transaction that circumvents money, where physical space and guidance are offered in exchange for the participants’ time and efforts. With the purpose of commenting on the inner workings of the program, the series is designed around the concept of “alternative forms of exchange”, which are represented typographically and described briefly on each of the four posters.