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O Magazine

The day
aliens landed

There are millions of anonymous photographs. Once extracted from their albums, from family drawers and deprived from their original meaning, they will never be the same again. The person who discovers them by chance, orphaned, in a flea market or an Internet post can re-inject a new emotion into them and make them his/hers. Group them, mix them according to his/her own sensitivity becomes then an exercise of the spirit and of the senses, of fantasy and–why not?–art.

The day aliens landed on the Earth, people looked up to contemplate those strange oblong shapes that, all of a sudden, shook all our conventions, certainties and convictions. In the four corners of the world, each person set his/her eyes on a different life form, a new world coming to ours, we still don’t know with what intentions. From Paris to Sydney, from Kinshasa to Mexico, the human gaze talk to us of anxiety, astonishment, and wonder. Here you have all those gazes.