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Rafa and Emi called me to talk about a very interesting project they had received. As soon as I saw the idea I loved it because it mixed images from CCTV cameras with intervention on those same cameras. Its reference was Street Fighter Attack videos in which the characters of the series attack, at the right time, poor unlucky humans in the typical candid camera videos of calamitous falls.

Produced by O
Agency: BUM
Client: TMB
Director: David Domingo
Executive Producer: Rafa Montilla & Emilia Fort
Producer: Fiona Vidal-Quadras
Jefe de producción: Marta Vega
Director de Fotografía: Elías Martínez Féliz
Ayudante de Dirección: Silvia Martínez
Estilista: Cris Quer
Directora de Arte: Alexandra Jordana
Ilustración: Juan Días-Faes
Animation by Pere Hernández (La Pera Animación)
Sound Mix: Ideasonora
Música: Antoni Amaya
Grade: La Metropolitana
Coordinador de postproducción: Yukio Montilla

The idea behind BUM was creating a Karma character to interact with all of us who are users of the metro service. The work with Josep Maria, Ana and Alberto was very easy because they understood that this project needed a certain degree of craftsmanship to preserve the spirit of the referent it was based upon. For the character of Karma, created by Juan Días-Faes, we chose a frame-by-frame animation, which was made by La Pera Animación. I was looking for a very concise and direct kind of animation, created to look with simplicity the point uniting images so different but so much fun to mix and play around with.