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Take me, Lord

BY Joan Pons

As if I were an app called “uncle who doesn’t really get it,” my seven-year-old nephew tried to update me the other day by explaining what are the Mannequin ChallengeAndy Is Coming Challenge and Water Bottle Flip Challenge (with this last one he also took the time to show to me the dab dance step one must use to celebrate his success and also the, ahem, official theme of the said challenge). Once we reached this point, I wasn’t sure whether I was interested in what he was telling me or if I found it totally stupid. Or to put it a different way: I had no battery left to even consider whether I was interested in what he was telling me or if I found it totally stupid. And that’s when I said ‘nough! My neurones collapsed and sent a single alarm message: “you need a holiday.”

Good proof of the blockage in my connection and cable networks is the GIF chosen to bid farewell to the 2016 editorial activities before the Xmas break: it’s a summer GIF, I know. It doesn’t go too well with this season. Or maybe it would if I had in mind travelling to the southern hemisphere to relax and celebrate the new year like an unhappy happy owner of an “everything included” bracelet, drinking daiquiris like there was no tomorrow at the pool of some tropical resort. But this is not the case. This GIF works simply as a humorous cry for help: please, please, giant suitcase, come and get me away from here!

I sometimes wish everything stopped for a whole year. Well, not everything. But I wished there were no books published, no films premiered, no records launched… I promise I would devote all that free time to get up to date. I know; it’s as easy as stop being so obsessed with chasing, tongue out, the hare of novelty. But I’m afraid that anxiety is the price to pay for wanting to live with an interest in the present and not comfortably locked up in a decadent refuge like a Jim Jarmusch vampire. So the emergency solution, for the moment, is pressing pause to at least recover a bit for a fortnight. After January 6th, we’ll be back on track. As usual.