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Print All Over Me

Printalloverme is an online customizable clothes shop. What makes Printalloverme different from other similar shops is that they work with the “print all over” concept, that is, they offer the possibility of printing the whole piece of clothing, all over. Anyone can easily add an image and receive the finished product at home after a few days.
Apart from that, the brand produces special collaborations with different artists: graphic and fashion designers, illustrators…

In my case, this collaboration was made up of three pieces. It was the first time I worked with patterns applied to fabrics and I took it as a “let’s see what comes out of this”. So I decided to design 3 shirts following the same line and present them as a mini collection/personal project.


Graphically, I used basic colours, almost only green, yellow, blue, red, black and white. I opted for a simple cartoonish style because I wanted it to make it fresh and fun by using different textures (grids, printed dots, composition, etc.). Compositionally, I decided to use patterns, taking as a reference clothes items from the 80s and the beginning of the 90s.

The truth is I really like illustration applied to fashion, so in a (foreseeable) future I have in mind producing a more complete and self-produced (if possible) collection.