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Medusa, day 7 – 7 DAYS

Anna Senno

The trap, day 6 – 7 DAYS

Anna Senno

The anomalous Penny Black, day 5 – 7 DAYS

Anna Senno

Smoking with Daniel, day 4 – 7 DAYS

Anna Senno

Faculté, day 3 – 7 DAYS

Anna Senno

Volgograd, day 2 – 7 DAYS

Anna Senno

Aurora, day 1 – 7 DAYS

Anna Senno

Put a mascot in your audio

Joan Pons

Mise-en-scène of a political corpse

Gerard Casau

I don’t like your gun!

Jaime Gonzalo

Interview with Eddie Izzard. “Wait a minute: what was your question again?”

Kiko Amat

Teamwork Blues

Begoña Gómez

Ecofuturism: image, video and soundtrack of a plant

Henry J Darger

Back tracking Livin’ on a Prayer

Yukio Montilla

Francesca Woodman: disorderly interior geometries

Déborah García

Art advertisement?

Eulalia Iglesias

Take me, Lord

Joan Pons

The story of a suggestion

Violeta Kovacsics

Grimes goes Pre-Raphaelite

Henry J Darger

What did you say happened?! The alternative reality machine and opinion game

Victor Navarro Remesal

Those creeping up on us in the threshold

Alexandre Serrano

False friends: 5. Isabelle Huppert

Rubén Lardín

Torn pages: Lucky Jim

Rafa Castells

The killer inside me

Nick James

Dark blue, almost black kawaii

Aïda Camprubi

Eyecatching in style

Victor Navarro Remesal

Who is Stanley Sunday? What does David Domingo do in his free time?


The future of food: cyberpunk and utopia

Mar Calpena

Beauty and sadness in an infinite loop

Victor Navarro Remesal

Three Roles Played by Architecture in Three Recent Films

Rafael Gómez-Moriana

We welcome Lluís Quílez


Jurassic Glam. The customised ruins of a past future

Jaime Gonzalo

Netflix B. De Mille: series in the age of the nouveau riche

Begoña Gómez

The real rex in Jurassic Park

Marc Juvé

Capturing fairies

Javier Calvo

A scroll down the rural mob. An interview with Los Bravú

Aïda Camprubi