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Not just a car with an expressive design. But a platform to express style and tastes. A car that could respond to our own body language. The Lexus LIT IS sends signals like no car before.

Equipped with 41,999 LED lights, programmed with dynamic designs, and able to react to music and human movement, this new 2017 Lexus IS was created to provoke.


Agency: Team One
Production: Tool
Interactive Director: Aramique
Managing Partner, Digital: Dustin Callif
Managing Partner, Live Action: Oliver Fuselier
Executive Producer: Jennifer Baker, Erich Joiner
Director of Digital & Experiential / EP: Chris Neff
Technical Director: Jeff Crouse
Producers: Jennifer Baker, Bill Galusha
Lead Software Developer: Matt Felsen
Front End Programmer: Lars Berg
Lead Designer: Mau Morgo
Sound Designer: Gary Gunn
Jr. Digital Producer: Jean Chang
Fabrication: SCPS Unlimited