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Cut Copy.
We are explorers

by Mau Morgó.

A 3D printed music video for Cut/Copy with 300+ figurines. Printed with UV reactive filament, shot in stop motion under a black light flash-light over the course of 6 nights in the streets of Los Angeles. All 3D files are now open-source and available for the public to print and reimagine the narrative.

Agency: Party NY
Director: Masa Kawamura, Qanta Shimizu & Aramique
Design and Art direction: Mau Morgo
Production Company: Odd Division
Executive Producer: Aramique
Director of Photography: Sesse Lind
Production Assistant: Yahaira Cardoza
3D Printing Tech Support: Chris Thompson, Brandon Boulden
3D Printing: NextFab Studios, Philadelphia
3D Printing: Morpheus Prototypes, Los Angeles
Editor: Michael Wadsworth, FinalCut New York
Colorist: Mike Howell, Color Collective
Post Supervisor: Viet-An Nguyen, FinalCut New York
Video Commissioner: Adam Farrell, Loma Vista Recordings
Video Commissioner: Neil Harris, punkdafunk

Working process