Odisea is an Spanish and Portuguese documentary channel which contacted Dvein to help them re-launch the channel through their own and powerful brand. The first idea was working with the concept “See your world differently”, another facet of the reality where things that you don’t previously know happen and where the audience can come to its own conclusions.

There were also other concepts that we wanted to show: strength, vitality, movement, curiosity, and surprise. The aim was to take advantage of the semantic richness that “documentary” implies: adventure, experiment, discovery… We tried to link all these with the channel’s logo, inspired in the natural organic world (conches, constellations, whirls) and the great human inventions (propellers, mills) but adding an emotional bond.

It was a whole bunch of concepts that we wanted to make visible, and we came to the idea of joining them in only one element, a periscope. The periscope, because of its design, it’s at the same time technological and antique, reminding us of the history of documentaries. Half machine, half character, it symbolizes a very important feature: it’s an observer, the alter ego of the audience, who searches around a common scenario to find other realities that usually go unnoticed.