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O Magazine

On any given day like today,

we had the idea of creating a production company that wasn’t exactly a production company. We had lots of ideas banging our heads. Those ideas that are synthesised out of sheer energy in the multiplicity of bangs of any beginning.

And one of those bangs prevailed above all the rest. We wanted to have a voice that talked about the things we like and we wanted to invite people to join us in this idea. That’s why we called it “editorial”, but none of us knew how to start or how to tame that idea. We knew it wouldn’t be easy to find the right catalyst, the person to give direction and sense to something so open, someone to give us a voice. But one day Luis mentioned someone who could be “that person” and introduced us to Joan Pons. 

Great day, great relief! Because Joan is good in every sense of the word, and with his deadpan gaze he looked at us, we imagine thinking something in the lines of: what am I meant to do with these loonies? 

Very soon he tamed the beast, put us in order, polished us and made us feel that it all made sense. 

Joan made the army of friends grow around an idea: writing about things you couldn’t write in any other medium. And with that freedom we elaborated an editorial backlist that today comprises more than 600 articles. 

We fought, we’re conscious of it, for something quite unusual: getting people to read more than 140 caracters, more than a headline. In this world, always in a hurry, focusing the attention on something even if only for a few minutes. And Joan managed this. 

Now we’re starting a new phase. We have achieved what we had resolved to do, which was to somehow dignify the written word. And this editorial that belongs to Joan so much will follow another path, because this is what this project is all about, about its capacity to mutate. 

Whatever comes next will be, though, something else. 

And we’ll always be grateful to Joan, because his work has taken us to a different place in which everything can begin again.

All the content generated throughout these two years will be available again soon, on a new site devoted exclusively to it.