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Why I
staged my

by Mau Morgó

I wanted to tattoo an image on the audience’s retina. Express myself on a different way I normally do, create something people could phisically feel, get feedback immediately, not through a like button on social media. We are used to see violent images through our screens, laptops, tv, mobile phones… so why not make people live something that can actually happen (hope not), and make them realize the importance of those images. I wanted people to remember my work and ask themselves why would someone would plan his death on stage on a festival like OFFF’15.

To be honest, I couldn’t think too much on this project, I just planned things slowly and let it get real, If I thought too much on what I was doing to do, I immediately felt it was a horrible idea. It’s a very delicate theme, specially with the events that have happened recently, you can’t joke about killing yourself on a stage. Planning this performance has burned me psychologically so much. The day everything happened it went so well I didn’t even realize what we just did. 25 exact seconds, in that time a redheaded girl walks down a crowded auditorium with 350 people in it, she gets on stage, takes out a gun and shoots the speaker, end of the talk. People where shocked and confused, they started murmuring, and suddenly someone started clapping, I suppose people wanted me to go out again, but we where hidden behind an emergency exit.

During my talk I merged my work with my life, I explained different things that happened behind the scenes, trips to Morocco, working pictures a the studio, to create an empathy with the attendees, so that when everything happened they felt that experience in a more intense way.

I get really obsessed with underground topics, I research a lot about: black holes, sects, brain washing, UFO’s, parallel dimensions, assassinations, etc. they simply amaze me, those concepts are so powerful, they hit you so hard you can’t erase them form your mind, I feel confortable creating on that universe, I always use them for inspiration on my projects, that would be my market niche. I always try to make those dark concepts as visually attractive as posible, that’s why a good looking redhead shot me on stage. There is a really strong energy on dark concepts.

I bought a Walther PPK 9mm on internet, presumably its the same gun that Hitler used to kill himself, you don’t need any license or whatsoever to get one, neither to use it. I’ve researched through Live Leak about point blank range shooting, and there is no reason why you should bleed a lot, so I didn’t want to center the attention on my death, I wanted people to focus on the act of getting shot, on that image of one person pointing with a gun to another and on how easy is to get rid of someone’s life.